*As of May 23rd, 2006, 08:00 pst.*
/Level order may not be exact
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Green=Currently being worked on

Hellcore Maplist (71% complete)


Map Name Status / Progress
100% Map01

On Hell's Horizon

  • By Fusion
100% Map02 Baron Streets
  • By Darkfyre
100% Map03 Parasite Dawn
  • By Darkfyre
100% Map04 Defying the Odds
  • By Fusion
100% Map05 Vestibule of Plague
  • By Darkfyre
00% Map06 The CDC
  • To be revamped
  • By Fusion
100% Map07 Tribulation
  • By Darkfyre
  • Inspired by Fusion's old Map07
100% Map08 Tryx 'n Traps
  • By Darkfyre
100% Map09 Sect of Power
  • May need some revamping later
  • By Brad Spencer
25% Map10 Into the Abyss
  • Getting revamped
  • By Fusion
02% Map11 Hobb's End Horror
  • New map
  • By Darkfyre
50% Map12 Mines of Dismay
  • Needs revamping
  • By Fusion
50% Map13 Crimson Cascades
  • Needs 2nd revamping
  • Revamped by Chris Hansen, originally by Darkfyre
100% Map14 Stellar Phenomenon
  • Revamped by Brad Spencer, originally by Darkfyre
100% Map15 Underworld
  • Revamped by Chris Hansen, originally by Fusion
15% Map16 Massacre
  • Needs revamping
  • By Fusion
100% Map17 Nightmare's Requiem
  • By Darkfyre
00% Map18 Hellcore
  • To be mapped
100% Map31 Ample Prey
  • By Darkfyre
00% Map32 Seclusion 'D'
  • Will not be completed, but still included. May be finished after Hellcore
  • By Fusion & Darkfyre

This is of course just the suggested maplist, maps may be added or erased at any time, especially if it doesn't come up to snuff with the others. We will just have to wait and see.

I am not sure how long it will take to get a new Hellcore website up, but until then, this will be updated with the progress.


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